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Reconditioned Crane Wheel Assembly

Hamilton Precision, LLC, a division of Seilkop Industries, Inc. worked extensively with our customer on the reconditioning of their crane wheel assemblies that are used to handle products in the steel and paper industries. This particular crane wheel assembly came to us to be refurbished back to OEM specifications. It has a 27" crane wheel and weighs approximately 2,000 lbs.

After the crane wheel was in our possession, Hamilton Precision started the assessment process to define the scope of work that is required to accomplish OEM specifications. Every crane wheel assembly was assigned a unique identifier and was fully inspected and all as-found information documented and shared with our customers. Inspection reports, assessments process, and final assembly requirements were a continual collaboration between Hamilton Precision and the customer.

Once the scope of the work was established and agreed upon with the customer, we then began to refurbish axles, bearing housings, inspect when needed, replaced bearings, replaced all seals, and inspected the wheel to see if it could be reused. All items that were deemed reusable went through a non-destructive testing procedure to insure the integrity of the material. At assembly, new grease was used and was packed to the customer's requirements. Bearing housings were painted, and a Hamilton Precision nameplate was attached with identifier and phone numbers for ease of traceability. Inspection reports of the final refurbished crane wheel assembly were then finalized and filed within our database and our customer's quality department.

Hamilton Precision, LLC

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Reconditioned Crane Wheel Assembly Project Highlights

Capabilities/ Processes
Roll Grinding
Quality Inspections
+/- .001 runout across an 86" face
Single digit Ra finish
Product Weight
12,000 lbs.
Materials Used
316 Stainless Steel
Product Length
Products Diameter
Cutting Method
Grinding Method
Naxos Union 40" x 240"
Paper wrapped with urethane chock blocks, and shrink wrapped
Non-Destructive Testing
Mag Particle and UT
1-2 per week
Delivery Location

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