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Oxy Fuel Cutting of Lower Die Shoe with Three Scrap Ramps

Featuring a 40,000 square foot facility with a 15-ton crane capacity, Hamilton Precision, LLC, a division of Seilkop Industries, Inc. applies our oxy fuel burning and expert precision to build complete die sets. Serving both die set manufacturers and independent tool and die set distributors, we handle every aspect of the die manufacturing process, from design through shipping. We offer superior grinding capabilities with a standard parallel tolerance of .001" per foot. And because these die sets feature a variety of intricate parts and shapes, we take extra care to meet our client's exact requirements. To learn more, see below.

Hamilton Precision, LLC

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Oxy Fuel Cutting of Lower Die Shoe with Three Scrap Ramps Project Highlights

Capabilities/ Processes
Drill and Tap handling holes
Grind to thickness on print
Deburr parts
Burn parts to programs/drawings
Program bottom and top Die Shoes / upper and lower parallels and subplates
Write job in Syteline
Make Detailed Drawings
96" corner to corner to hold flat and parallel
Standard tolerance of .001 per foot
Hot Roll Burnouts
Die Plates
Bolster Plates
Wear PlatesMolds
Scrap Ramps
Ball Bearing Guiding Components
High quality ball bearing guiding components which are interchangeable with components from Danly and Lamina*
All D style MDL components are interchangeable with components from Danly/IEM*
All L style MDL components are interchangeable with components from Lamina*

  • Inch and Metric
  • Plain Bearing and Ball Bearing
  • Posts, Bushings, Cages
  • Clamps and Retainer Plugs
  • Component Parts
  • Steel Bosses

*Danly/IEM is a registered trademark of Danly IEM, LLC and Connell Limited Partnership.
Lamina is a registered trademark of Anchor/Lamina America Inc.
MDL Mold and Die Components, Inc is not connected, in any way, with Lamina or Anchor/Lamina Inc.
Die Set Manufacturing
Independent Tool and Die Distributors
Delivery Location

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