Precision Manufacturing
Services Including
CNC Pattern Making,
Progressive Die Making,
Aluminum Sand Casting, and
Blanchard & Roll Grinding
Seilkop Industries, Inc.

Divisions & Services Provided

Seilkop Industries, Inc. equipment and service at each location provide high quality, ISO 9001:2000 manufacturing solutions. The services provided include:


Epcor Foundry

Our Technologies include:

  • Two automatic horizontally parted molding machines
  • One Roberts Sinto FBO IIIR 20" x 24" Flaskless Molding Machine capable of producing 120 molds/hour without core set
  • One DISA MATCH 130 20" x 24" Flaskless Molding Machine with automatic Core setter producing 160 molds/hour for uncovered castings and 120 molds/hour for cored castings
Sinto Automatic MoldingSinto Automatic Molding
Sinto Automatic Molding

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Prototyping and Design Services

All tooling and castings CNC-machined from the following CAD-formatted Solid Models created or provided in its, native, .stp or .igs formats:

  • AutoCAD
  • QuickCAST

A complete solution allowing predictive evaluation of the entire casting process including filling and solidification defects. It enables rapid visualization of design changes and allows for correct decision-making at an early stage of the manufacturing process.

More Information on Epcor Foundry

Disa MATCH Automatic MoldingDisa MATCH Automatic Molding
Disa MATCH Automatic Molding

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HITECH Shapes and Designs

  • Automatic Molding Machines
  • DISA MATIC as well as DISA MATCH with core masks
  • Sinto Patterns
  • Hunter Patterns
  • Match Plates and Cope and Drag
  • Shell Molding

Core Boxes for Cast Parts

  • Redford
  • Harrison
  • Dependable
  • Laempe (LD20 multi pull direction)
  • Hottinger
  • Horizontal type complete with blow tube assemblies and top and bottom ejector systems

Specialization working with the following materials:

  • Cast iron
  • Aluminum
  • D-2 steel
  • Urethane tooling board
  • 4140 steel
  • Hardwood

More Information on HITECH Shapes and Designs

Milltronics VM-25Milltronics VM-25
Milltronics VM-25

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A-G Tool and Die

In-house engineering services:

  • 4 designers - almost sixty years of combined experience
  • Forming simulation software
  • Ability to read many different file types
  • Coming soon - designing in 3D

Sales services:

  • 3 sales engineers - 60 years combined experience
  • Starts with concepting/quoting process, project management, to die tryout

Production-ready tooling:

  • 350 ton tryout press
  • In-house simulator for transfer tooling
  • In-house wire EDM and CNC capability
  • Repair services for competitor's tooling

More Information on A-G Tool and Die

Charmilles Robofil 300 EDMCharmilles Robofil 300 EDM
Charmilles Robofil 300 EDM
CNC Machine CenterCNC Machine Center
CNC Machine Center

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Burn & Grind Division

  • Quality burning and grinding under one roof for quicker delivery.
  • Quick quote turnaround – typically 2 to 3 hours if stocked material.
  • Oxy-Fuel hot roll burnouts.
  • Your material or ours – A36, 4140, etc. Stock A36, 3/8” -6” thick.
  • Burn up to 6-1/2” thick.
  • Die Sets.
  • Light machining & welding for turnkey parts.
  • Industries served include metalworking, aerospace, paper, machine shops, manufacturers, fabricators, automotive.
Burn & Grind Division
Burn & Grind Division
Burn & Grind Division
Burn & Grind Division

Blanchard Grinding

  • Regrind rotors and worn parts.
  • Blanchard grinding (Rotary) up to 96” corner to corner on thicker plate with very tight tolerances.
  • Mattison surface grinding ( Horizontal) up to 42” x 96”.
  • Ability to surface grind flat & parallel surfaces w/i 0.005 depending on material; horizontal tolerances w/I .001.
  • Industries served include aerospace, paper, machine shops, manufacturers, fabricators, automotive.

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Roll Grinding and Equipment Repair

  • Balancing to ANSI specifications.
  • Machining, milling drilling & lathe work
  • Grinding up to 40”D, 240”L
  • Lathe – 40” swing 20’ between centers, 53” chuck
  • Industries served include paper mills, steel mills, heavy equipment, manufacturing, industrial.
Roll Grinding and Equipment Repair
Roll Grinding and Equipment Repair
Roll Grinding and Equipment Repair
Roll Grinding and Equipment Repair

MDL Distributor

  • Tooling components for the die set manufacturing market and independent tool & die set distributors.
  • We specialize in Blanchard ground precision parallels or riser blocks and die sets components for bolsters and die shoes.

Crossley Presses

  • Exclusive distributor for these hard to find parts.
  • Original OEM blueprints on site.
  • Markets served – refractory, ceramic, tile, brick & porcelain.
  • Rebuild or repair presses.

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Seilkop Associations:

  • Precision Metalforming Association
  • American Foundry Society Association
  • Non-Ferrous founders Society Association
  • DRMA - Dayton Regional
  • TTMA - Tri-State Tooling and Manufacturing Association
  • NTMA - National Tooling and Manufacturing Association

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